About Me:

Kelly Cavanaugh at the Plexus Convention 2013

Welcome to Kelly Cavanaugh's website! Thank you for your interest in her business and life. Kelly enjoys what she does. She owns a corporation and has been involved in web design, content authorship, art, search engine optimization and Internet marketing since 2005. This site is one of her creations. She has created thousands of pages, posts, graphics and videos for websites, Facebook and other social media, and has built dozens of websites and blogs for her own and others' businesses. Using custom techniques, she has consistently brought her websites to Top-10 positions in Google search results for their respective search terms.

Having a personal interest in weight loss and health, Kelly became aware of Plexus products through Facebook. After reading reviews of Plexus Slim Kelly Cavanaugh became an Independent Ambassador for Plexus Worldwide in 2012. Since she started using Plexus Slim and Accelerator, she has lost 30 pounds and a tremendous number of inches. In her lifetime, Kelly has lost over 170 pounds; for more about this, please refer to her article, “Don't Waste Your Plexus Slim.” Kelly constantly does research in order to share best possible quality of information about the ingredients in Plexus Slim and Accelerator as well as their history, along with proper usage and advice on these and the other Plexus Products. Helping customers learn how to use the products effectively benefits everyone!

A native of Lafayette, LA, Kelly Cavanaugh has always enjoyed helping other people. As a mother of a 17-year-old son, she has been involved in his activities throughout his growing up. She has been a leader in the Cub Scouts, the local park's softball team, and an active participant in his school events. Kelly is very honest, to the point of not even liking to joke about a lie, and a very loyal and trustworthy friend to have. Her friends know that they can count on her, and she will not let them down. The same trait applies to her business: she is completely upfront; and if she doesn't know the answer to a question, she will try her best to find it.

Kelly has a passion for psychology and mental health. She had desired to become a psychologist, but attending college while being a single mother, with her own apartment, proved difficult. Nevertheless, she enjoys reading about psychology, philosophy, human rights, women's rights and learning in general. Now, her son, is highly intelligent, excels in all honors courses at school, and wants to be a lawyer.

In addition to being a hard-working entrepreneur and loyal friend and colleague, Kelly also enjoys a huge sense of humor and loves to laugh. Furthermore, she adores fashion, clothes and makeup. Kelly loves music and can't live without it, her favorite band probably being The Rolling Stones, though she has a wide selection of music from The Beatles to Fats Domino to Ol' Blue Eyes. She never watches television except for "The Golden Girls," with Dorothy being her favorite.

Kelly wishes you a pleasurable and productive experience on her website and welcomes you to contact her. She particularly enjoys corresponding via email as it allows for the most well-thought-out communication, but texts and phone calls are welcome! Simply use the contact form on this website, or any of the methods of contact at the top of every page. Kelly loves to talk about Plexus Slim and weight loss, or anything else related to Plexus products and their use. Moreover, if you seek a better job or want to make extra money, Kelly would be glad to discuss how you could start your own business selling Plexus products. She knows a lot of useful weight loss tips and is a true "leader", not a "boss", so you'll be in good hands with her as your sponsor. For more on being a leader versus a boss, as well as the business opportunity selling Plexus Slim and the rest of the Plexus products, please refer to the page “Buy it Wholesale.” Thanks again for visiting Plexus Lafayette!