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Kelly Cavanaugh #109237 Plexus Slim
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Kelly Cavanaugh

I'm looking to work closely with part-time and full-time Ambassadors. I know the Plexus business inside and out and can teach you exactly how to work your business the same. In fact, 11 Ways to Earn Income with Plexus explains all of the ways you can get paid to lose weight. If you're serious about wanting to pursue this spectacular business opportunity,

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Still not sure? Email me at kellycavanaugh1(at) I always stop whatever I am doing to respond to emails, and it's always my pleasure to talk about weight loss and the Plexus product line. I've tried them all! Being an effective Plexus Ambassador takes effort, but more importantly, it takes having the best leadership possible. I will spend as much time as you need, helping you with both of these aspects - guaranteed!

Difference between boss and leader

I happen to personally, know a great deal about losing and maintaining weight, as I've lost 189 pounds in the past few years! I know the struggles, setbacks, cravings, the occasional indulging followed by disappointment and guilt. I've been through it all! Futhermore, there is absolutely no topic that is taboo as far as I'm concerned. Don't be afraid to ask any question in which you may feel too embarrassed to normally ask. I am very open, honest and direct. I will not judge you, or even flinch for that matter. I'm very friendly, laidback and down to earth with a big sense of humor! I understand your desire to become fit and be successful in your weight loss, as well as with your new business. Knowing both aspects, I would love to keep you motivated during your weight loss journey. I can also offer loads of helpful tips and resources to help you along with your business journey. We can keep in touch daily or however often you need. I'm very dedicated to my Ambassadors and customers.

I can also help with food suggestions and give weight loss tips. I eat very healthily, and can pass on the knowledge I've learned in that area, as well. This can help both you and your customers, as I am often times asked what exactly it is that I eat in a normal day. I am willing to share all of this and help YOU in any possible way that I can, in order for your business to grow! You can succeed!

I also make sure all of my Ambassadors are having a blast by having a positive attitude, and providing motivation, contests and personal incentives within our close knit team. I have a token of appreciation for choosing me to help you get on the road to success! I will also send you literature on Plexus Slim weight loss stories and more about the Plexus Slim Compensation Plan, which is absolutely unsurpassed by no one! This is for you to read over and I'll include extra copies for you to start your business immediately, and pass this literature down to your Ambassadors!

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