Don't Waste Your Plexus Slim: My personal weight loss story.

In this article we consider the many weight loss options available today, whether it be supplements or going under the knife.

Yes, it's possible to waste Plexus Slim. You cannot expect to lose weight while eating fattening foods, simply because you're taking Plexus Slim.

Seize the Window of Opportunity

I look at Plexus Slim as a window of opportunity to not only shrink your stomach, but learn better eating habits. Your appetite will be suppressed, you'll have lots of energy (if you opt for the Accelerator which burns fat off faster) and feel great. Why stuff yourself with large amounts of unhealthy food when you have this wonderful product that will indeed help you, if you help yourself?

I'm not asking anyone to exercise; that's way too easier said than done, but here are a few tips I've discovered about eating to stay slim, lose weight, and not waste your Plexus Slim: enjoy every single bite of your food, and eat very slowly. I find a lot of people rush to swallow to get to the next bite. Savor every second of the food already in your mouth, because the next bite you are rushing to will taste exactly the same.

If you eat slowly, you will never find yourself "stuffed" because you will have time to recognize the warning signals that you are becoming full and it's time to stop eating. While on Plexus Slim, you'll probably find yourself turning your nose up at desserts. However, if it's your absolute fave, and you cannot resist, go ahead and take one or two bites; but then stop. Now, you've just enjoyed the taste of your favorite dessert without all the fat content!

At a restaurant, you don't have to finish your plate to enjoy the meal. Take it home and have a little more the next time you get hungry. Besides, like I said, the Plexus Slim will take care of the cravings for your favorite foods, in my experience.

Don't Quit While You're Ahead

I have been a Gold Ambassador for several months now. At first I would just sample a Decision Pack here and there because I loved the taste of the Slim and the boost of energy. But one month, I decided to get serious, and I kept a whole 30-day supply for myself! During these 30 days, I lost 19 pounds!

At first, thinking this was a sufficient enough weight loss for me, I foolishly stopped taking the Plexus Slim/Accelerator. Then, my best friend gave me a beautiful dress that just screams class and elegance! I was so excited to slip into it; then, sadly, I couldn't zip it all the way up. I set a new weight loss goal right then, and I'm reaching it! I've been back on Plexus Slim for about 6 days and I've lost 5 pounds. I do have to admit to a little bit of "wasting Plexus Slim" myself which I always regret later. I've just been invited to a lot of good dinners lately, but I do put into effect the "few bites here - few bites there" plan.

My Gastric Bypass: Weight Loss at a Price

Using Plexus Slim is the easiest way I've dropped pounds in my life! I went through the absolutely horrible experience of Roux en-Y gastric bypass. I realize some people may owe their lives to this surgery, but it almost cost mine. It was a disaster from the beginning.

It started with the nurse shooting the needle straight through the other side of my vein, putting no anesthesia into my body. I was totally awake and alert on the operating table, and this very much confused the anesthesiologists as to why I was not feeling at all sedated or numb. They went ahead and gave me another dose and I started to feel sleepy. I awakened slightly during surgery and have a vague memory of my surgeon talking about tennis lessons. Because of this, they had to immediately go straight for my jugular vein and further anesthetize me.

Upon fully awakening, I was told that my surgeon lacerated my liver during surgery. I was given no meds to help this, additionally I was denied my routine medications from my family physician because you absolutely cannot eat or drink anything until the next day when they check if you have a leak in your staples. I didn't, and couldn't believe my luck. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself at this point. I was in serious pain from the botched surgery, the lacerated liver, and the denial of my medications that I take for 2 herniated discs in my back and neck; and my feet and ankles had swollen to where I could hardly walk. It was like walking on balls. I just wanted to go home!

I finally managed to make it out of there, but at home I went into a deep depression. I had to have lots of protein, and being a vegetarian, this proved very problematic. That's not it, though. Just the fact that I had been through such a traumatic experience at a young age by people who treated me in a dehumanizing way, really shocked and depressed me. I had never been treated that way before, nor had I ever been in so much pain before. It was absolutely traumatic. Afterwards, I frequently kept to myself, in bed, due to the depression and a severe case of hypoglycemia, remaining active the only way I could: the Internet.

After two years, and a trip to the hospital for gastroenteritis, which also addressed the hypoglycemia and a scary case of anemia that bordered on needing a blood transfusion, I was finally able to start life again with a total weight loss of 74 pounds, costing $30'000.

My Tummy Tuck: A More Pleasant Procedure

A year later, I fearfully decided to have another surgery: abdominoplasty. I was very reluctant, but the skin on my stomach was so uncomfortably hot and unattractive. My tummy-tuck was well received across the board! My body handled it fine - no depression, and I loved my doctor! This got me really motivated when I didn't have that stomach to haul around with me, so I got active and went back to LIFE! During this time, after the tummy-tuck, I lost an additional 85 pounds! But it was still going under the knife, and it put me out about $9'000.

Fighting Weight Gain, Then Losing More

For a couple of years, I was just fine, but then I started to slowly gain until it reached a total of a 10-pound weight gain. This was absolutely unacceptable in my book. I didn't go through all that I just described in order to gain it all back. This is somewhat common for gastric bypass patients, I, personally, have read.

As luck would have it, I began to see Plexus Slim advertisements all over Facebook. So I looked into it and got Charles involved. I decided that I would become an Ambassador. That has been my key to losing that 10 pounds, plus a few more and I'm not stopping! Had I known about Plexus Slim, I could have made a personal decision to decline the gastric bypass, and saved myself a lot of pain, depression and money.

Weighing Your Options

If you want to lose weight, please talk to your doctor, and consider all of your weight loss options and how they could impact your well-being; as you probably have gathered from my experience, some can be quite painful and costly. If you find Plexus Slim to be the best for you, as I have, try following my tips on how NOT to waste this incredibly valuable tool.

Thank you,
Kelly Cavanaugh