Plexus Slim – Plexus Worldwide Products Available Here

Plexus Slim and all Plexus Worldwide products are available to order here on my replicated website. I am Kelly Cavanaugh, Independent Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide. You can follow links that I provide on this site to order Plexus online. When you order Plexus products online from an Ambassador, it gets processed and shipped from Scottsdale Arizona. It takes about 3-4 days for you to receive your order. Your shipping and tracking number will be emailed to you. Contact me, if you have any questions. I’ve been an Ambassador for over 4 years, and I can help you. Click below to visit that website and place your order.

How do I Order Plexus Slim?

Click the order link above. You will be taken to my company site where you can choose your products. Select your quantity by putting a number then “Add Item”. When you are finished adding all of your products, click “View Cart”. This will allow you to “View your Cart”. If you are satisfied, click “Checkout”. New Customers, you will see a link that says “If you are a first time customer, please click here”. When you click, it should say, “Your Enroller Is: #109237 Kelly Cavanaugh“. Please fill out the requested information such as name, address and payment information. If you do not succeed, you may be on a cell phone or tablet PC such as an iPhone or iPad. Plexus Worldwide will soon accept those types of mobile browsers. For now, please use a desktop or laptop. Returning Customers, please login with the username and password that you used previously. Thank you so much! I am always here to serve you.

You can find detailed information about the products on this site, and you can find the ingredients on the ingredients page.

How does Plexus Slim Work?

The principal active ingredients in Plexus Slim, including chlorogenic acid, are products of Plant Extracts. They help you manage your appetite and help with fat metabolism. The Slim helps to balance your blood sugar by getting your liver producing glucose more consistently, which in turn, helps your kidneys and pancreas. It’s a positive domino effect. When you get one organ functioning better, other organs tend to follow. Getting all of these organs operating more efficiently, gets you feeling healthier and lets the weight fall off naturally.

The Accelerator+ will provide a boost in energy, weight loss and metabolism. This Plexus Slim-Accelerator+ combination is a weight loss success for me, and countless others! It can be for you, too! Just order here by clicking “Order Here”. Remember, Preferred is best!

Directions on How to Take Plexus Slim

Once a day is all it takes! Take your Plexus Slim 30 minutes before any meal and you’re done! Mix, or shake with 12 ounces of water. Try to drink it at the same time everyday and drink it all at once every day. Don’t sip on it for an hour. Get it down all at once. Don’t worry, it tastes great! I wake up in the mornings and look forward to my Plexus Slim.


If you thought Plexus Slim was terrific, just wait until you team up with Plexus Accelerator+. When taken with Plexus Slim, in conjunction with diet and exercise, Accelerator+ helps you manage your weight.* Accelerator+ comes in a 2-dose formula. Take your Accelerator+ early in the day so that it won’t affect your sleep. I would definitely take it in the morning with my Slim, and my second Accelerator+ at noon. Make sure you get it all the way down into your stomach for best results. Accelerator+ is the second piece of the one-two combo. I always recommend Accelerator+ with Plexus Slim unless my customer has a heart problem. If the circumstances are right, I definitely recommend Accelerator+.

Ways to reduce the cost of Plexus Slim

When you order, you can save money by ordering preferred The Plexus site has a Retail and Preferred price listed. A Retail Customer is someone paying full Retail price. A Preferred Customer gets a 10% discount, in comparison to a Retail Customer, by agreeing to a monthly auto-shipment. As a Preferred Customer, you may cancel your auto order 15 days after receiving your initial order. A Preferred Customer can change their order anytime. In addition, after being a Preferred Customer for 3 months consecutively you get an additional 10% discount on all future auto orders for as long as you remain a Preferred Customer! If you should ever want to cancel your status as a Preferred Customer, just call Plexus Worldwide customer service. Customer Service is very quick and very friendly. I love this company! For more details on ways to save money, see my Retail – Preferred – Wholesale page.

Join Now!

I research the Plexus products in my spare time. I have a good understanding of the inspiration behind developing Plexus Slim, the way it helps you to get healthier, and the business opportunity. I have people who call me daily looking for Plexus Ambassadors, as if I’m a Plexus phonebook. That’s why it’s so important for you to come forward if you have an interest in Plexus Slim! They are looking for Ambassadors in cities and states for which I do not have any team members, and I don’t like letting them down. Join with me, and I’ll help you get your business started so you can start helping people and bringing people into this company with you. I can give you lots of Plexus tips. I love my “job”. I only put it in quotation marks because I can’t believe I get paid for what I do! This has only increased my income. Being an Ambassador is so rewarding. It’s helping people. I am a part of other life-changing experiences, which in turn, changes my life, and makes me feel like a better person! It can for you too! But you have to become an Ambassador, first!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.